About Us

Welcome to The Ballet Scout by Éclaireur, a website made by dancers for dancers! With information on summer intensives, year-round training, post grad training, and professional employment, our goal is to help ballet dancers of all ages and levels find the perfect program. We know how busy a dancer’s life can be! We have data on over 400 companies and programs in the United States and internationally, and we save you hours of time researching and planning for auditions. Our database is growing every day, and with our helpful search and comparison features, your opportunities will grow, too.

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A Message From The Founder:

As an emerging professional dancer, I know first hand how tough audition season is. The idea for The Ballet Scout came to me during audition season a couple of years ago when many of my fellow trainees found their professional options limited because they didn’t have information on the full range of dance opportunities out there. Friends were spending hours and hours researching companies and trying to find auditions, and they still missed many incredible programs. I also recognized that parents and dancers researching summer intensives and pre-professional training needed the same kind of information.

The Ballet Scout compiles that information, easing stress and helping dancers plan a successful audition season, whatever their level. Expand your horizons with The Ballet Scout.


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