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7 Ballet Summer Intensive Audition Tours That Open Doors to Year-Round and Trainee Programs

Robert Fulton - Nov. 15, 2023, 3:18 a.m.

Ballet dancers know the value of a summer intensive: an opportunity to refine skills, learn from new teachers, and experience different company styles. But did you know that many summer intensive auditions can also serve as gateways to year-round and trainee programs? Here at BalletScout, we've rounded up 7 ballet summer intensive audition tours that offer just that. We recommend attending a few of these just to have options and not banking entirely on a summer intensive as your last audition for a year-round spot.  Let's explore these stepping stones to your ballet career.

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A&A Ballet Chicago: Known for its rigorous Vaganova training, A&A Ballet Chicago is not just about summer training; it's a pathway to join their youth company and their newly formed professional company. If you're aspiring to develop under a curriculum that celebrates traditional ballet while embracing contemporary flair, their auditions are not to be missed.

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Ballet Arizona: With a growing reputation and studio company, Ballet Arizona offers an intensive that's a precursor to their wider training programs. Their auditions are a gateway to ongoing education in the studio company.


Ballet 5:8: This faith-based professional ballet company in Chicago offers a unique blend of high-level ballet instruction and spiritual nurturing. Their summer intensive auditions double as a screening for their comprehensive school program. It's an ideal setting for those who seek artistic growth in a faith-affirming environment.


Charlotte Ballet: Charlotte Ballet's summer intensive is known for its personalized approach and commitment to technical mastery. These auditions can lead to more permanent placement in their highly sought-after programs, where dancers are groomed for professional success.


Cincinnati Ballet: A company that prides itself on a blend of classical elegance and dynamic performance, Cincinnati Ballet does not have their summer tour announced yet, however, they have company and training program auditions! It's an opportunity to be part of an environment that nurtures aspiring professionals to their fullest potential. 


Joffrey Ballet Chicago: At the intersection of tradition and innovation, Joffrey Ballet Chicago's auditions offer multiple opportunities. Dancers can not only aim for a summer of intensive training but also vie for a spot in multiple year-round offerings, including their prestigious trainee program.


Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (PBT): PBT's summer intensive is renowned for its comprehensive training and exposure to a diverse repertoire. More than a summer experience, these auditions can be your entry point into PBT's esteemed year-round program. It's a chance to become part of a legacy that combines classical technique with innovative choreography.


While many summer intensives function as an audition for the year-round program, these auditions allow one to get an early decision and secure next year’s plans earlier in the year. At BalletScout, we're here to help you navigate these opportunities and find the right path in your ballet journey.  Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!