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Embracing Height Diversity: Ballet Companies Welcoming Taller Dancers

Robert Fulton - Dec. 11, 2023, 11:50 p.m.

The ballet world is evolving, and with it, the embrace of diversity in dancer heights. For taller dancers, finding the right fit in a ballet company can be challenging. However, there are numerous companies and programs that not only welcome but also celebrate taller ballet dancers. Here's a look at some of the ballet companies and training programs that are known for their inclusivity of taller dancers, as discussed by the ballet community.


Ballet West: Ballet West stands out as a beacon for tall dancers in the United States. Recognized for its inclusive approach to dancer height, this prestigious company has carved a niche as the pinnacle for taller ballet artists. Their commitment to diversity in dancer stature offers unique opportunities for those who often find themselves on the higher end of the height spectrum in the ballet world. At Ballet West, tall dancers are not just accommodated; they are celebrated, proving that grace, talent, and elegance in ballet are not confined to traditional height norms.


Newport Contemporary Ballet: Known for its inclusive approach, this company is located in a fantastic area and is welcoming to dancers of various heights.


Goh Junior Company in Vancouver, United Ballet Theater and Canyon Concert Ballet: These programs have offered positions to taller dancers, with Hartford and United Ballet Theater being specifically mentioned for their inclusivity.

Companies in Germany and The Netherlands:
For those looking internationally, many companies in Germany and The Netherlands are known for their preference for taller dancers. The Goh Junior Company in Vancouver also emerges as a Canadian option.


Saint Louis Ballet: Their trainee program ranges from 5'2" to 5'11", with a focus on ballet and contemporary styles. This company fosters a supportive environment for dancers of varying heights.


Ballet 5:8 and Ballet Hartford: Both companies have been highlighted for their inclusivity towards taller dancers, offering opportunities in contemporary/classical ballet styles.


Nevada Ballet Theatre: This company, known for having several taller company women, offers a second company that is a trainee program worth exploring.


Dance Kaleidoscope in Indianapolis: Although primarily a modern company, Dance Kaleidoscope requires a strong ballet background from its dancers and has historically been inclusive of taller dancers.


Cincinnati Ballet: This company has had tall females in the past and mixes classical and contemporary ballet in its repertoire, making it a potential fit for taller dancers.


University/Conservatory Programs: Universities like the University of Cincinnati, Butler University, and Indiana University have been known to accommodate dancers of various heights in their primary ballet programs.


These companies and programs demonstrate that the ballet world is increasingly accommodating a diverse range of dancer heights. For taller dancers, these options offer a chance to excel in an environment that values their unique attributes. As the dance community continues to evolve, the opportunities for taller dancers are set to expand, making the ballet world a more inclusive and diverse space.

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