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How did 116 dancers get their trainee positions? (Facebook Poll Results)

Robert Fulton - Feb. 22, 2023, 11:29 p.m.

How do you maximize your chances of getting a trainee position?  We asked 116 dancers how they got into their trainee program and here are the results.  It seems as though summer intensives were the most popular live method.  However, summer intensives are very make or break, so BalletScout recommends diversifying your applications.  Video submissions seem to be a great option, too, so try sending videos out as well as attending a summer intensive in the hopes of getting a trainee position.  It may even be worth putting a deposit down on a program early in order to save your spot while you wait for the summer results.


28 dancers were admitted during required summer intensives

21 were promoted from pre-pro levels at same company


67 dancers were admitted in other ways (without having to use summer as the audition). The other ways were as follows:


Via a company audition--

8 received trainee offers after attending open main company audition

2 received trainee offers after attending pre-selected main company audition

6 received trainee offers after being invited to main company class


Via video submission--

16 received trainee offers after submitting video materials to company


Via designated trainee audition--

7 received offers after attending open trainee audition

4 received offers after attending pre-selected trainee audition

Via summer intensive audition--

6 received trainee offers after attending a collaborative si audition such as NSIA

9 received trainee offers after attending a one-company si audition



4 received trainee offers from competitions

3 received trainee offers after ADs visited dancer’s home school

2 received trainee offers by reaching out to programs and scheduling visits