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How long do ballet audition results take at the company level?

Robert Fulton - Feb. 17, 2024, 11:22 p.m.

During audition season, dancers and their families navigate a complex and often stressful process. Understanding how long it takes for ballet companies to make decisions after auditions—including for second companies and trainee programs—can be a trying aspect of a dancer's career.

The timeline for receiving responses post-audition is not one-size-fits-all. Factors influencing decision times include the current company dancers receiving letters of intent and making their own decisions about staying or moving on. Ballet companies have limited spots to fill and continue to review auditions, video submissions, and invite dancers to company classes as part of their comprehensive evaluation process. This intricate balancing act is further complicated by the companies' performance schedules, often delaying decisions until late spring.

From discussions with the dance community, responses to auditions can range from as short as three days to over two weeks, with some companies indicating that video auditions will be reviewed only after the completion of their in-person audition tours. This variability can lead to significant uncertainty, prompting some dancers to exclude companies from their considerations due to prolonged response times.

Moreover, the timing of responses can be influenced by the number of available contracts, which remains uncertain until current company members confirm their return. This uncertainty can extend the waiting period for new offers, with some companies not finalizing their rosters until current dancers' intentions are clear.

Interestingly, the approach to notifying applicants also varies. While some companies send out both acceptance and rejection emails, others may communicate only with those they're accepting. This practice can leave many dancers in limbo, unsure of their status with a company.

The experience of waiting for a response can be fraught with anxiety, but it's a common part of the ballet audition process. Some dancers receive offers late into the season, often as others decline positions, illustrating the fluid nature of company rosters and the importance of staying hopeful and prepared for any outcome.

As a general rule of thumb, results take about 2 weeks.  If you haven't heard back in 1 month, you should followup unless the company specifically says that they don't send rejection emails.  Then try again the following season!

In closing, while the waiting game can be challenging, understanding the factors at play—from company needs and current dancer decisions to the logistical complexities of audition tours—can help dancers and their families navigate this period with a bit more ease and patience.