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How to make an eye catching resume! (Or let us do it for you)

Robert Fulton - Jan. 17, 2023, 12:33 a.m.
A well designed and visually appealing resume is essential for dancers looking to standout in auditions.  The goal is to have a director be able to quickly glance over it, see the most impresive part, and be able to remember you.  Here are some tips for how to achieve this:
1. Always keep it to 1 page.  This is common resume practice.
2. Add a headshot.  This will help put a face to a name and spur their memory more while judging.
3. Make the highlights standout at first glance.  Utilize font size, style, and color to capture the eye.
4. Create an easily updateable format.  If you need to add another section, or remove one, will you be able to quickly do so?  Set yourself up for your entire career with a well organized, easily updateable resume.
Want more help perfecting your resume? At people’s request we are now offering resume revamps. A Ballet Scout resume will help directors put a face to the name and understand your career highlights after only a quick glance.
We will revamp your current resume or help you build one from the ground up. You can check it out at