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Investing in Ballet Training: Where Spending Extra Pays Off

Robert Fulton - Sept. 28, 2023, 12:56 a.m.

As a ballet dancer, securing those sought-after ballet jobs and nailing those crucial ballet auditions often requires more than just raw talent. Sometimes, the most significant growth opportunities come with a price tag. But which investments truly offer value, and when is it worth spending that little extra? To find the answers, I turned to our vibrant BalletScout discussion group to gather firsthand experiences from seasoned members. Here are the insights and examples where spending a bit more not only paid off but propelled dancers to new heights in their ballet auditions and careers.


Private Lessons: A Personal Touch for Ballet Jobs

By far, one of the most mentioned investments was private lessons. Many members affirmed that finding the right private lesson is a valuable investment for those aiming for competitive ballet jobs. Members noted the importance of trialing a few teachers before settling on the one that feels right. These sessions, starting from as young as age 10, not only fine-tuned their technique but offered personalized feedback and guidance. This one-on-one attention often made a noticeable difference in ballet auditions, helping dancers stand out.


Competitions and Intensives: Opportunities to Shine

Several members found immense value in participating in competitions, like YAGP, which significantly boosted their confidence and preparation for ballet auditions. While it wasn't seen as an absolute necessity, the experience and confidence it brings can sometimes be game-changing, fostering a newfound zest and perspective on performances. Some mentioned that just the private preparation for the competitions is what counted the most.

Summer and winter intensives at reputable programs also played a pivotal role in preparing dancers for both ballet auditions and long-term ballet jobs.  Cited as fruitful investments, they provide new perspectives and a set of fresh eyes to guide improvements. One member found significant value in a winter intensive that provided a fresh perspective on their competition pieces, a boost that translated to success at subsequent competitions.

Cross-Training and Physical Therapy: Building Resilience

Cross-training, sometimes in conjunction with private lessons, was another key aspect, especially for those aiming for elite ballet jobs, or already in them. Members highlighted gym memberships and pilates classes as effective means to enhance strength and stamina for demanding ballet auditions and performances. Physical therapy, in particular, was flagged as a way to ensure dancers remain healthy and at their peak, ready to impress at any audition or show.


Venturing Abroad and Moving to Full-Time Programs

For some, the pursuit of ballet jobs led them to venture abroad or enroll in full-time programs, bringing significant progress. Such decisions, although sometimes challenging, provided unparalleled levels of training and opportunities that were not available locally, setting dancers apart in ballet auditions.


Equipment and Accessories: A Necessity, not a Luxury

Investing in the right equipment can make all the difference in ballet auditions. The right pointe shoes, replaced as often as needed, ensured dancers could consistently perform at their best.


Individualized Approaches: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Given the competitive nature of ballet jobs and training programs, members stressed the importance of an individualized approach. Consulting with coaches to develop an action plan, including budget considerations for ballet auditions, was flagged as invaluable.


Age Considerations

Age played a significant role in the type of investment made. The age of the dancer when the investment was made seemed crucial in determining its effectiveness in securing ballet jobs.



In the world of ballet, the right investments can indeed make a difference, especially when it comes to securing coveted ballet jobs and acing ballet auditions. Thank you to our vibrant community for sharing their valuable insights and experiences. Here's to more leaps, twirls, and pirouettes, and success in the ballet world!