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Maximizing Summer Ballet Training: The Benefits of Multiple Summer Intensives

Robert Fulton - March 16, 2024, 9:36 p.m.

As the summer approaches, dancers across the globe are finalizing their plans for intensives, seeking opportunities to refine their skills, gain new experiences, and potentially audition for year-round programs. In this vein, attending multiple summer intensives has become a strategic approach for many, offering a host of benefits worth considering.

Why Consider Multiple Intensives?

  1. Diverse Training: Each program offers its unique strengths, from classical ballet techniques to contemporary styles and specialized workshops like partnering. By attending more than one intensive, dancers can experience a broader spectrum of training, enriching their versatility and adaptability.

  2. Increased Performance Opportunities: More intensives mean more chances to perform. Many programs culminate in showcases or performances, providing invaluable stage experience and exposure to different repertoires.

  3. Networking and Exposure: Attending multiple intensives allows dancers to meet a wide array of faculty, guest artists, and fellow dancers, expanding their professional network. This exposure can be crucial for those auditioning for year-round programs or seeking to make an impression on potential future employers.

  4. Skill Specialization: Some dancers opt for intensives focusing on specific areas of interest, such as a week dedicated entirely to partnering. This targeted training can significantly enhance particular skills within a dancer's repertoire.

Balancing Act: Training and Rest

While the advantages are numerous, it's crucial to remember that your body also needs rest. Overloading on back-to-back intensives without adequate downtime can lead to burnout or injury. Planning a schedule that includes breaks or lighter weeks is essential for maintaining peak physical and mental condition throughout the summer.

How BalletScout Can Help

For dancers and their families looking to navigate the logistics of attending multiple summer intensives, BalletScout offers a practical solution. Utilizing the dates and weeks filters on BalletScout can streamline the process of lining up summer plans, ensuring a balance between training opportunities and necessary rest periods.

Personal Experiences

The community shares a mix of strategies: some opt for intensives that focus on specific skills like partnering, others prioritize geographical convenience or the chance to audition for fall programs. The consensus is clear – diversifying summer training through multiple intensives can yield significant growth and open doors to new opportunities.

However, one dancer, who's tackling a 6-week intensive followed by a 1-week repertory program with minimal rest, reminds us of the importance of scheduling downtime. Rest is not just a luxury; it's a vital component of a dancer's growth and sustainability in this demanding art form.

Final Thoughts

Embracing multiple summer intensives can profoundly impact a dancer's career trajectory, offering a richer, more varied training experience and the chance to make invaluable industry connections. Yet, as we chase these opportunities, let's not forget the importance of rest and recovery. After all, a dancer's well-being is the foundation upon which their artistry is built.