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National Summer Intensive Audition Tour (NSIA)

Robert Fulton - Nov. 29, 2023, 1:21 a.m.

For aspiring dancers looking to elevate their ballet training and career prospects, the National Summer Intensive Audition Tour (NSIA) is an unparalleled opportunity. NSIA brings a unique platform for young dancers to audition for multiple prestigious summer intensives through a single audition, opening doors to an array of ballet auditions, training, and potentially, ballet jobs.

How NSIA Works

NSIA's innovative approach simplifies the audition process. Dancers can choose from various cities on the audition schedule and register with the host school in their preferred location. The auditions are conducted in-person, with other schools in the collective observing via Zoom or on-site. This ensures a comprehensive assessment and broadens exposure for each participant.

Each audition will be recorded, allowing the observing schools to review performances as needed. Dancers have the option to specify which schools they wish to audition for, but all schools in the collective have the opportunity to reach out to any student who auditions. Pre-registration and payment of the registration fee to the host school are mandatory.

Contingency Plans

In case of unforeseen cancellations, such as extreme weather, registered students can submit an audition video. This option is exclusive to students affected by such cancellations and will not be available to others.

Dress Code for Auditions

Participants should wear colored leotards with a mid to high back, aligning with the elegance and formality of ballet auditions.

Audition Schedule and Locations

The NSIA tour includes several cities, offering widespread opportunities for dancers across the nation:

A Step Towards Your Ballet Future

The NSIA offers more than just ballet auditions; it’s a gateway to a summer of intensive ballet training, networking, and growth. It's an opportunity to be seen by multiple prestigious schools, save on audition travel costs, and experience a variety of teaching styles and ballet methodologies. With limited spots and non-refundable fees, early registration is recommended.

For more information on the NSIA tour and to register, visit BalletScout. Embrace this chance to leap forward in your ballet journey!