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Save time traveling for Ballet Auditions using Ballet Scout

Robert Fulton - Aug. 24, 2023, 11 p.m.

When I was 5 years old, I was kicked out of the studio right down the street.  I was just a rambunctious little boy, overwhelmed with excitement and a budding passion for the artform.  The lack of support for energetic, attention deficit, boys is probably a factor in why so few dance, however, that’s a topic for another time.  My parents never forgave that studio because the next best ballet studio was an hour’s drive away.  They joined the multitude of parents driving hours for their dancer.


On top of the day-to-day, dance parents have to be prepared to drive long distances for auditions, too.  Ballet auditions are usually held in cities with big ballet schools, so if you are a dancer in the countryside, you may find yourself driving 4+ hours to the nearest audition hub.  With dancers attending around multiple auditions each season, those hours could really add up.  Thankfully, BalletScout was built to help this!

A Weekend of Opportunities

Attending auditions for multiple companies, all in a single city, over a weekend is one of your best bets for saving money. BalletScout's dashboard has section for upcoming auditions near the location you set as your hub.  You can set a wide driving radius to encompass cities near you.  Using this feature alongside the search filters on the “Auditions” search page, you can plan an audition weekend and hit multiple auditions in one go.  Furthermore, don’t be worried about attending multiple auditions in 1 day.  Your dancer most likely gets 3 hours of dance in one day on a regular basis.  Their stamina will be fine!  They may even have a better shot in the second audition because they will be less nervous, and more warmed up. 


Beyond the Distance: Video Submissions

Bid farewell to geographical barriers. BalletScout’s platform provides insights into organizations that accept video submissions. Your dancer can showcase their talent without stepping out of the comfort of your home, broadening the spectrum of possibilities.  Just remember to follow the company specifications or the IAP guidelines if none are given.  Use minimal editing in the video, and start early so you have ample time to film and compile it.  BalletScout’s Audition Success Seminar is a great way to learn more about this!


Embrace the Virtual Audition Realm

Virtual auditions emerged from the pandemic, and have stuck around due to their surprising success.  While it may be harder for a director to see you over a small screen, this doesn’t necessarily hinder your chances.  If anything, the good and the bad cancel out and you’re left with a more affordable alternative to attending a large amount of auditions - and ensuring success!  You can find virtual and video auditions using the filters on the Auditions page of Ballet Scout.  


Comprehensive Information Hub

BalletScout centralizes all the vital information about auditions, ensuring you have every detail at your fingertips. From dates to requirements, you’re armed with knowledge to make informed decisions about which auditions align with your dancer’s aspirations.


Elevating Preparedness

BalletScout’s mission extends beyond just listing auditions. It equips dancers with the tools and insights they need to shine. Through tips, resources, and guidance, BalletScout ensures that your dancer walks into auditions confidently, regardless of the format.


Final Thoughts

The era of daunting drives and scattered information is giving way to an era of convenience, collaboration, and adaptability. BalletScout is leading this transformation, reimagining the way dancers discover and prepare for auditions. The power to uncover opportunities in a single city, embrace video submissions, and embrace virtual auditions is now at your fingertips. Embrace the future of dance auditions with BalletScout, and embark on a journey where the possibilities are boundless.