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Summer Series 2: Get to know Nevada Ballet Theatre Company Artist Jaime Derocker

Robert Fulton - July 6, 2023, 7:13 p.m.

Summer Series: Candid Conversations with the Pros ☀️

Get to know Nevada Ballet Theatre Company Artist
Jaime DeRocker

Jaime DeRocker grew up in Oneida, New York. She trained at The Harid Conservatory for the majority of her pre-professional ballet training. She joined Nevada Ballet Theatre in 2017, previously dancing at Ballet RI (formerly Festival Ballet Providence). During her time in Nevada, she has become a licensed Realtor. When she is not in the studio, Jaime loves choreographing, interior design, architecture, and art.

What has been a fulfilling moment in your dance career?

"The more obvious answer would be the accomplishment of performing Odette/ Odile in Swan Lake. 

However I’ve recently started this thing where I try to find one thing I learned from a production and one thing I’m proud of from a production. It’s easy to get in your head when casting doesn’t always go your way. This way, I’m able to try to maintain a more positive outlook. So I’m pretty proud of myself for that."

How did you decide on real estate as your second job?

"To be quite honest, I wanted to start making enough money to be able to truly plan for my future. With short seasons, and a lower income at the ballet company, I knew I needed to find something else. It was a no brainer when my now broker of five years, mentored me to get my real estate license. The flexibility of it is great. Not to mention the rush I get from helping people find their dream home."

Has there been something you learned during your time as a professional dancer that has benefitted your real estate career? Or vice-versa?

"This is a big one. Yes! There are so many skills that the dance/ ballet world have helped me develop. The dance industry has taught me to get comfy with rejection and failure. It’s a part of the process across the board, no matter what industry you’re in. Ballet has given me this gift of performance and the ability to stay calm and keep moving when the unexpected happens.

On the flip side, I think one of the biggest gifts that real estate has given me is the opportunity to bloom as a human and use my voice. It’s forced me to become social, talk to people and get to know them; and to know that I am equipped to use my voice to negotiate and help others achieve their goals. That’s been pretty empowering. "

The Ballet Scout, we want dancers of all backgrounds to pursue their dreams regardless of their age, level or physical ability. What is a piece of advice you would go back and give yourself when you first started auditioning (whether it be for companies, schools, or summer intensives)?

“I’m still giving myself advice! I would tell myself to get out of my own way. I would tell myself that it’s okay to fail and to take the risk despite the odds. I’m still working through that one"


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