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The First Ballet Summer Intensive Tours of 2024: Unlocking Opportunities for Aspiring Dancers

Robert Fulton - Oct. 14, 2023, 8:16 p.m.

The ballet world is abuzz with the announcement of the upcoming Ballet Summer Intensives tours, offering dedicated dancers the chance to refine their skills, immerse themselves in intensive ballet training, and step closer to securing coveted ballet jobs.



San Francisco Ballet's summer session promises a meticulous program tailored to cater to both intermediate and advanced/pre-professional students. SF Ballet boasts a noteworthy record: over 70% of its dancers are alumni of SF Ballet School. This summer, trainees have the golden opportunity to be mentored by the best, under the esteemed guidance of Patrick Armand. With a focus on nurturing individual technical prowess and artistic expression, SF Ballet School is on the hunt for students deeply passionate about ballet and eager for rigorous ballet training.

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Nashville Ballet: Crafting the Future Stars of Ballet

Under the adept leadership of Nick Mullikin, Nashville Ballet's summer intensive offers an exhaustive curriculum. Here, ballet auditions pave the way to a realm where technique meets passion. Set in the vibrant and secure backdrop of Nashville, the summer program promises not just intensive training but also a memorable summer. Please note that entry to the School of Nashville Ballet Summer Intensive is strictly via ballet auditions, and this beckons dancers aged 12 and above. For the budding stars aged 9 to 13, the Junior Intensive awaits.

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Harid: Sculpting Tomorrow’s Ballet Virtuosos

Harid has set the stage for in-person Summer-Intensive ballet auditions across the U.S. in January 2024. Students currently in academic grades 8–11 (for the 2023–24 session) are eligible to apply and showcase their prowess in ballet auditions for a spot in this coveted program.

Details about Harid’s Ballet Auditions Here


National Master Audition: The Ballet Buffet

For those looking to maximize their opportunities, the National Master Audition offers a unique proposition. Aspiring dancers, aged 13 and above, can audition for seven summer intensives simultaneously. This event promises exposure, as participants perform in front of a myriad of company directors, all in a single Californian venue. While some companies are yet to announce their individual tours, they're all set to scout for talent at this audition. The list includes renowned names like:









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In the ballet world, summer intensives are more than just training sessions. They are gateways to ballet jobs, platforms to network, and arenas to showcase one's skills. With auditions around the corner, it's time for dancers to lace up their ballet shoes and prepare to dazzle.  Find more on!