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Tips for saving money on Ballet Company Auditions: Wisdom from Our Community

Robert Fulton - Sept. 20, 2023, 10:52 p.m.

As audition season approaches, dancers are gearing up to showcase their talents for companies across the country, and the expenses can quickly add up. Thankfully, our BalletScout community has come together to share some invaluable tips to navigate this period without breaking the bank. Here are the compiled pieces of advice from our community members:


Collaborative Travel: Sharing the Costs

One member suggests finding a friend who is also auditioning to share the journey and associated costs. Splitting expenses for things like accommodations and transportation can help make the trip more affordable. Additionally, preparing audition videos with friends can be both fun and economical.


Smart Financial Planning: Leveraging Credit Card Rewards

Another dance parent advocates for the utilization of rewards credit cards to manage the expenses of audition travels. Cards like the Capital One Venture or the Chase Sapphire are popular choices as they allow you to earn points that can be redeemed during your travels.


Selective Auditioning: Focusing on Real Opportunities

A seasoned dancer suggests adopting a selective approach to auditions. Doing preliminary research and communicating with companies can help you concentrate on opportunities that align well with your profile and aspirations, thereby saving time and money. They also suggest considering company classes instead of mass auditions to get a better sense of the company environment and increase your chances of a positive outcome.


Cost-effective Media Usage: Smart Choices for Photos and Videos

Tips shared by a contributor emphasize the importance of being economical when it comes to audition photos and videos. Choosing affordable photographers and collaborative video preparations with friends can be pocket-friendly alternatives.  Not everything needs to be professionally done!  They recommend utilizing apps for editing without going overboard on the modifications.


Practical Packing Tips: Travel Light

To avoid potential issues and additional costs, packing light is advised. This not only helps in keeping your audition clothes and pointe shoes safe but also avoids additional baggage fees.


Financial Assistance: Seeking Help

For those facing financial constraints, there is advice on seeking fee waivers from companies. Many establishments are open to assisting dancers experiencing financial hardship, so don't hesitate to ask.


Affordable Accommodation: Leveraging Connections

One of the contributors, who has firsthand experience in hosting auditioning dancers, suggests exploring connections within the company for potential stays instead of opting for hotels, which can significantly reduce costs.


Strategic Planning: Making Informed Decisions

An experienced member shares extensive insights on planning auditions strategically. Considering factors like proximity to audition hubs and varying accommodation costs in different cities can help in making informed and economical decisions.


Using BalletScout: A Handy Tool for Planning

Our community members highlight the importance of utilizing the BalletScout database for planning auditions efficiently. This tool assists in finding dual-purpose auditions and multiple audition opportunities in the same city, facilitating a cost-effective audition process.


Tailoring Videos: A Universal Solution

In response to a query about video preparations, it's highlighted that many companies now adhere to "International Audition Preselection" guidelines, which standardizes the requirements and makes the process less tailored and more streamlined.



Company auditions are indeed a distinct and challenging phase. However, with the collective insights and experiences shared by our community, dancers can approach this season with an economical yet effective strategy. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors for sharing their wisdom, making the audition season smoother and more manageable for everyone.